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Mramůrka – on the bottom of a Mesozoic sea

Mramůrka – on the bottom of a Mesozoic sea

Nearby the blue-marked tourist trail Cetechovic – Vlčák, remnants of limestone quarries, currently encroached by shrubs and trees, can be found. The denuded limestone rock was discovered by Italian workmen around 1680. Besides limestone, also high-quality Cetechovice marble (brown-red, green-grey and white limestone) has been extracted. Today it can hardly be found, since all marble has been mined. Several objects have been made out of this material, e.g. the portals in the chateau of Kroměříž, and altars for the dome in Olomouc, in St. James’s Church in Brno and the basilica on Holy Hill near Olomouc. It has also been used for the creation of St. Mary’s Plague Column in Uherské Hradiště and fireplaces in many houses of Viennese noblemen. Sculptures and balustrades for the cemetery in Střílky and the Baroque font in the church of Koryčany have been chiselled out of this marble as well. “Mramůrka” (after the Czech word for marble) is the name of the most picturesque quarry with a lake, where not only limestone remains can be found, but also rests of silicate layers – flints and hornblendes. With a little luck, fractions of fossils – most often Mesozoic ammonites – can be detected as well.

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