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Okolí Jablunkova


In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Polish adopted the idea that the local nobility was derived from the ancient tribe of Sarmatians. Sarmatians were nomads, populating the forest steppes of Eastern Europe in the 6th century BCE. How correct that idea was can only be speculated today, but it is interesting that people of Jablunkov began to be dubbed Jaceks in the 18th century. According to popular tradition, it was supposed to be a derivation from Jazygs, one of the Sarmatian tribes, with which some of the Jablunkovites associated their roots. Several dozen people thinking of themselves as descendants of the Jazygs still lived in the town in the early 20th century. They were said to be of a shorter build and grow old very soon. The truth in that claim is very difficult to prove nowadays, but it remains a fact that Jablunkovites differed from people of the surrounding mountain villages with their costumes too. They were more like the Hungarian clothes and much more sumptuous than the highlanders’ clothes.

Since 1973, the local folklore troupe has born the name Jackové (Jaceks), trying to maintain the traditions and customs of the Jablunkov district. Since 1999, they have held annual international children’s folklore festivals in Jablunkov: Jackové dětem (Jaceks for Children). For more information on the Jackové folklore troupe, go to http://www.jackove.estranky.cz.

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