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Nature trail Melice


The castle was founded by Bishop John VII in the early 14th century and it remained in the possession of the Bishops of Olomouc. Presumably, it was built as a representative residence in Italian style – it had a decorative facade and a courtyard made of cobble stone, an impressive piano nobile with marble floors and a unique tiled fire place.

Melice was an ecclesiastical building comprising also a chapel, which was quite a typical layout for the courts of the Charles IV. The Chapel of the Holy Cross with ribbed vault was the most elaborate room in the castle.

Out of many archaeological finds, we mention e.g. old coins, a coat of arms of Olomouc bishops, spears, gothic keys or glass jewelry, which can be now seen in the museum of the town of Vyškov and Drysice.

The castel was destroyed by the Hussite forces in years 1423 – 1427.

Useful information

Forest with castle is due to military aerea accessible on Friday afternoon and weekends only. Sorry. Try to contact Vojensky újezd Březina, to change it.

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