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Horní Počernice

Xaverovský Pond

Xaverovský Pond constitutes a part of a cascade of four ponds (Barbora, Eliška, Xaverovský and Svépravický) and other smaller ponds (such as Obora) built on the Svépravický Stream in the 19th Century. The Svépravický Pond was used for farming carp. Today it serves as a recreational area for the residents of Horní Počernice. The A257 cyclotrail runs along the dam for the two largest ponds. After the cascade the stream flows below the surface level, i.e. beneath the road junction and the golf course, into the Čeněk Pond where it connects with the Chvalka Stream and, after a few dozen metres, also with the Rokytka Stream. Our stop is therefore between the Xaverovský Pond and the Svépravický Pond, which is located closer to the stop towards the west, i.e. towards Černý Most. A large number of trees, especially of willows, are found around both ponds.

GPS position

N 50° 6.029', E 14° 36.095'



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