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Horní Počernice

The Svépravický Stream

The Svépravický Stream originates in the area between the Olomouc (incorrectly Hradec) Highway and the Klánovický Forest. It flows westward, to the north of Xaverovský Grove, where it flows through several ponds and, close to the V Pískovně Nature Reserve, in the area of the Čihadla dry polder, it combines with the Rokytka Stream. The pond in front of you is called Eliška (Elizabeth). To the east of it then is Barbora and the third pond to the west is called the Obora Pond. The Svépravický Stream is divided abruptly into two parts, specifically by the Prague Ring Road. In this part it is very difficult to follow it exactly. Otherwise, in both its east and west parts, i.e. around the Xaverovský Grove and on the other side, in the V Pískovně Nature Reserve and around the Čihadla polder, there is a very pleasant natural environment. The course length: cca. 6.8 km.

GPS position

N 50° 5.900', E 14° 36.637'



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