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Horní Počernice

Xaverovský háj (Xaverovský Grove)

You have come to the first stopping point of the Horní Počernice Nature Trail; the total number of stops is seven. The next stop is only 50 m to the north, i.e. towards Horní Počernice, and it is called Svépravický Stream. Following this there are: 3. Xaverovský Pond, 4. Svépravice, 5. Robotnice, 6. Chvalka, 7. Seven Maples.

In 1982 the entire forest was declared a natural monument. The Xaverovský Grove constitutes a part of the Klánovice – Čihadla Natural Park, which is the largest natural park in Prague. The forest is intersected by two bicycle trails and both a blue and a yellow tourist trail. The yellow trail leads from the centre of Horní Počernice and via the Počernický Pond to the Xaverovský Grove. By the former hunting lodge this trail connects to the blue tourist trail that leads from the train station in Běchovice and then proceeds to the Klánovický Forest. In its northern part, adjacent to the forest, there is a natural swimming pool – the Eliška Pond (this pond was built in 1954 for sports and recreational purposes). The pond also serves as a location for sport fishing.

The Xaverovský Grove comprises almost 100 hectares of forest land. The reason for its protection is the oak forest, represented by several natural types (linden-oak forest, beech-oak forest, Molinia-oak forest) of significant old trees. The English, sessile and red oaks are complemented by newer vegetation of hornbeam, ash and maple, in addition to pine, spruce, poplar, birch and linden. On the banks of the Počernice ponds beautiful old willows can also be found.

GPS position

N 50° 5.859', E 14° 36.647'



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