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The Emperor Dragonfly, Odonata

The Emperor Dragonfly

belongs to the Dragonfly suborder of the Odonata order. This species is our largest domestic dragonfly. It is a superb and a fast flyer. On a hot day you can see the males flying over water for hours, without stopping for a moment. During their flight they are also hunting the flies that are their prey. The Emperor Dragonfly is 70 – 80 mm long. Its wingspan is 90 – 110 mm. This particular species is widespread throughout Europe. It lives mostly on overgrown ponds that are rich in nutrients. It is also possible, however, to observe them away from water. They can be encountered from June to August.


are an order of large winged insects with a narrow and a greatly elongated body that are essentially interchangeable with the species from a different order. Odonata are amongst the best flyers of the insect world and are also the insects that have the most perfect vision. The requisite environment for the development of Odonata, with some exceptions, is water. All Odonata and their larvae are predatory feeders.

They mostly seek for their prey and hunt it in flight, though some species wait in the same spot and only soar for their prey when they see it.

GPS position

N 50° 8.476', E 14° 36.925'