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The Broad-leaved Marsh Orchid

is an endangered species of plant, representative of the herbs that grow in Bohemia. It is usually 20 – 60 cm tall with a bare stem, which is scaly at its base. It has between 4 – 6 leaves that are of an ovate to lanceolate shape, with spots. Its inflorescence is abundant, cylindrical, between 4 – 17 cm long and bears up to 50 individual flowers. Generally the colour of the flower is purple but, less commonly, there are also pink and white variants. It flowers in May and June, the fruits are green capsules that contain large quantities of seeds. It grows on the plains and in the mountains, typically in wet meadows or on moorlands and heathlands. As an endangered species it is protected by law.

The Early Marsh Orchid

is a perennial erect plant, 20 – 60 cm tall. Its leaves are not spotted; they are straight and are mostly parallel to the stem. Its inflorescence is dense and cylindrical. The flowers are both pale and dark red, less commonly pale pink and white. Its flowering period is from May to July. It grows in sunny and wet meadows and on moorlands. In the Czech Republic it is classified as an endangered species and is protected by law.

GPS position

N 50° 8.490', E 14° 36.965'