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Dwarf goats - breeds

The Netherland goat, previously bred almost exclusively in zoos, is the smallest breed of goat that there has ever been in the Czech Republic and today it is bred more frequently by private farmers, mostly as a bi-colour or a tri-colour. As its name suggests, this goat comes from the Netherlands; in Germany, however, it is also called the „German Dwarf goat“. Despite its delicacy it is well muscled with a wider chest and a larger belly. When compared with the traditional larger breeds its disproportionately short limbs are noticeable. Its hair is fine, short and close fitting and longer at the back (mainly in the bucks). Usually only the buck is bearded, sometimes however also a lead female in the herd.

The Cameroon goat is a breed from Cameroon, i.e. from Africa. This is the original breed of African dwarf goats (their height at the withers is about 45 – 50 cm, their weight is cca. 25 kg). In their homeland they serve as a breed for meat production. Cameroon goats are not milked; the goats have kids twice a year that consume all the milk. These goats are relatively modest in terms of their feeding. In winter the basis of their diet consists of hay; during the early winter it is recommended to feed other fodder and to leave hay from the first cutting that contains more vitamins until early spring when there is an increased need for them.

GPS position

N 50° 8.501', E 14° 36.931'