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The Domestic Sheep

The domestic sheep is a small ruminant, reared mainly for its fleece, its meat and its milk. Occasionally it is used for transporting lighter loads. Since sheep are not as demanding as cattle they are also reared in mountainous or arid regions. The greatest numbers of sheep are raised in China and in Australia. The droppings of domestic sheep are frequently used for fertilising flowers.

The body of the domestic sheep is covered with soft, dense, crimped hair – i.e. wool. Their colour is usually white or black and mostly only the males – rams – are horned; their horns are curved and serrated on their surface. The females are called ewes and the young of both genders are called lambs. Sheep have an elongated skull with a narrower brain area and typically long nose bones. Domestic sheep can be divided into fine-wool breeds (sheared once a year), semi fine-wool breeds (Caucasian Merino), semi coarse-wool breeds and coarse-wool breeds (e.g. the Czech Šumava sheep). Domestic sheep feed mainly on grasses and plants – they are herbivores.

GPS position

N 50° 8.507', E 14° 36.923'