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Žula v Geoparku

Mushroom Rock

There is a natural monument “Kamenný hřib” on the hill above Šindelová. It is a bizarre group of boulders created, without the intervention of human hands, by the natural weathering of granite during the Quaternary, especially in the periglacial conditions during the Pleistocene. At that time there was intense disintegration of rock along the natural systems. Water penetrated into the granite massif and mechanically (mainly due to volume changes during freezing) and chemically (dissolution of less stable mineral components) gradually decomposed rock.

Weathering of granite

Originally hard rock became along the weakened zones crumbly and sandy efflorescent. In the places of process progression the skeleton of the boulder or bale emerged, surrounded by products of weathering. During the subsequent erosion and denudation, weathered parts were taken away and unweathered boulders remained accumulated at the place. The following weathering finished their morphology.

Kamenný hřib

Kamenný hřib by Šindelová consists of biotic granite porphyry of older intrusive complex of Karlovy Vary massif (so called group of “mountain granite” or “gebirgsgranite”). It has a quadrangular plan with dimensions of 4.2×3.2×4.8×3.2 m; height is 2–3 m. The formation is divided by horizontal fissures into several parts.

Stone rows

In Šindelová exist several other attractions – stone rows above the village and torso of the iron furnace directly in the village. A longer walk you can do to former volcanoes at Rotava. The “Favorit” Hunting Lodge is in private hands and inaccessible – you can at least walk the Larch Avenue to the Countess Nostiz Cross.

GPS position

N 50° 19.204', E 12° 36.777'