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Žula v Geoparku


The northern slopes of the Krudum (Chrudim, 838 m), a mysterious hill in the forested Slavkovský les Mts., are built of Variscan granites of the Karlovy Vary Massif. The area is passed through by contacts of several granite facies, all of the Younger Intrusive Complex (so called „erzgebirgsgra­nite“). The relative older, fine to medium grained, strong porphyric granite of the Třídomí type are penetrated by three younger granite varieties: of the Milíře type (medium grained, weak porphyric), of the Čistá type (fine to medium grained, lithium-biotite-topaz) and by the transitional variety between both ones (medium grained, lithium-biotite-muscovite granite with topaz content).

An important tectonic zone is followed by the forest road (yellow marked touristic path) from Hrušková to Třídomí. On the brecciated and silicified zones of this structure occur manifestations of iron ores and precious stones (jasper, amethyst etc.), which were a subject of interest of the old prospectors. The remains of this activity are still noticeable there.

On this site, ruins of the ancient St. Nicholas Church were discovered by archeologists in the year 2002. The relationship of the church with a medieval salt way and perhaps also with mining activity is evident. According to the old legends, the person of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) is coming out from there every year in the evening before his name-day to visit children – for the good ones he has gifts, but the tiresome ones he puts in the bag and carry inside the Krudum Hill.

GPS position

N 50° 8.829', E 12° 43.781'