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Uhelná trasa

Hernych – Hereditary adit in Čistá at Svatava

Mining of brown coal in the industrial township Svatava began in the 18th century, though on a small scale and focused more on slate than the coal itself. Mineral production plant for alum and sulphuric acid was located at the spot where the Radvanovský creek enters the river Svatava. At the end of the 19th century chemical production was gradually moved to the surroundings of Pilsen and coal mining started to dominate in the region.

The Svatava Township is an important centre for the Sokolov coal mining district. In 1804, there started his business Johann David Starck, who together with his son Johann Anton introduced chemical production, built a glass factory and workers' colony. There has been used coal in Starck's factories. From the name of industrialist is derived the name of the site Davidov. After the names of mining fields derives naming of the coal seams Joseph (Josef), Agnes (Anežka) and Anthony (Antonín), which is still used today.

The Portal of the Hernych Gallery

Two relics of the subsurface mining of brown coal – mouths of galleries Hernych and Gustav are hidden in the forest on the right side of the road from Svatava to Josefov. Hernych gallery was declared a cultural monument and attracts the attention by recently renovated brick portal from 1918. The mouth of the older gallery Gustav from 1797 is in ruins and is revealed by a strong outflow of the water. Gallery Hernych reached a length of 225 m. It was fitted with wooden reinforcements which collapsed, so you can nowadays track it by a line of depressions. It is named after the mining society of brothers Florian, Emil and Richard Hernych, who bought the mine and continued underground and surface mining in 1920. Extracted coal was transported by 600 m long cableway to the railway station in Podlesí (now Svatava-stop). After several changes of owners mining was stopped in 1938. The interest focused on the brown coal seam Josef.

Adit course on old mining map

Scheme of coal seams Agnes and Anthony mining by the pillar method

GPS position

N 50° 11.859', E 12° 35.926'