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Třetihorní subtropy

The Sokolov Quartz Wall

Through the southern rim of Sokolov passes an important tectonic zone, which continues in the SE direction over granites of Karlovy Vary massif and its metamorphic mantle, passes the northern flank of the Krudum hill and Krásno, behind which it disappears. On the Vysoký kámen at Krásno it has the form of a normal fault with vertical exaggeration of 300–400 meters.

Near Sokolov it intersects the structure of sandstone of the Staré Sedlo formation and underlies crystalline schists, eventhough it is younger than the Eocene. The main processes accompanying tectonic movements were deformation and intensive silicification of the rocks. The processes result in the formation of a massive quartz body, which due to high resistance to weathering protrudes in the form of ridge (wall). In Sokolov the quartz ridge is in the quarter called Ovčárna, near the crossing of streets Závodu míru and Jelínkova.

The elliptical outcrop is about 70 m long, 35 m wide with roughly 6 m height. It is formed by a tectonic breccia and vein quartz, locally occurring as iron quartz. Four different generations of quartz has been described. Despite its large geological significance the locality is unfortunately little attractive since the location is just next to the blocks of flats and often visited by homeless individuals.

In Sokolov, visit the Regional Museum in ancient Nostitz’s Castle. There you will find exhibitions on the history of the region and the history of mining. On the Budovatelů Square, see the Miner’s House, built in 1923–1924, with the relief „A day in the life of a miner“ in the front façade.

GPS position

N 50° 10.274', E 12° 39.841'