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Sopky v Geoparku

The Popov Cross

A vein of basanite (a basaltoid volcanic rock with olivine), uncovered by erosion, occurs at Popov on the southern slopes of Krušné hory Mts. According to the most recent dating, it is circa 17 million years old. The body is more than 100 m long and around 20 m wide, and at the top (Popovský Špičák, 752.2 m) it narrows to just a few meters. There is a small outlook site with a far view to the Ostrov Valley, across to the Doupovské hory Mts. and Karlovy Vary. The rock has a characteristic rod-like disintegration, which in fact is an imperfect basaltic jointing. On the surface of the weathered stones, cavities up to several centimetres in size are clearly apparent, and as can be verified on a fresh fracture they are not bubbles after escaped gases, but holes after decomposed olivine phenocrysts.

The basaltic magma intruded into one of the fissures of the fault system, which leads in a NW direction along the contact of the Karlovy Vary granite massif with the crystalline schists of the Jáchymov series. This so-called Central Fault continues further up to Saxony.

The way to Popovský Cross rises from a small saddle, where the village Popov was standing until the middle of the last century. The most marked reminders of the village are several old trees, which have survived all the absurdities of our history. They are the Upper and Lower Popov Linden, Popov Birch and Popov Ash, which by its dimensions, belongs among the largest ash trees in the Czech Republic. The top of Popovský Špičák itself is already in the local area of Horní Žďár at Ostrov.

GPS position

N 50° 20.314', E 12° 55.383'