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Lark Valley

The situation map

The Údolí Skřiváně (“Lark Valley“) cuts down through the granite in a canyon-like way. The wooded slopes of the valley are embellished with romantic rock cliffs and soliflucted boulders.

The rock above the valley of the Lark Creek

The outcrops of fissured rock were ripped by freeze during alternating ice and interglacial periods in the Quaternary. Giant stone blocks weighing up to 40 tons rolled with the rumble or moved in a muddy slush to the valley floor.

Granite blocks in the valley of the Lark Creek

At the valley road, the attentive eye finds a flat, almost horizontal level lining from one or both sides the creek. These are gravel terraces that characterized former course, and the relative height of the stream bed. Contemporary bed of the Lark Valley is covered with partially rounded granite boulders, in many places with potholes hollowed out by sand in rotating water. The best examples can be found near the hunting lodge “Favorit”. Occasionally, for example just by the bridge next to our stand, a flood clay layer separating the gravel horizon is visible.

Granite boulder with potholes

About 1 km upstream from our stand, the hunting lodge “Favorit” stands on a rock above the right bank of the creek. The lodge was built 1769 by Count Franz Anton Nostitz for his wife. “Favorit” became the seat of Nostitz family, and the larger castle in Jindřichovice served as estate office. In the years 1904–1906, the hunting lodge was rebuilt in its current form, designed by the Munich architect E. Seidel. 1906–1914 were built more objects there: the administrator’s hou­se, the gamekeeper's lodge, housing for staff, workshops and the chapel. The hunting lodge “Favorit” was surrounded by a large game preserve for rearing wild animals. After the seizure in 1945, “Favorit” changed many users and owners, and today is closed to the public. The valley of the Lark Creek below the hunting lodge is sheltered before the storm and hides many memorable spruces belonging to the largest in the Ore Mountains (“Krušné hory”).

The hunting lodge Favorit

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

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