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Educational Trail Rotava

Rose Valley

The situation map

Růžové Údolí (Rose Valley) is the oldest residential part of the Rotava town. This site was originally named “Am Hammer” (“At the Iron Mill”). From the 16th century were in the vicinity iron ore mined and smelted. Obtained iron was processed in iron mills driven by energy of the Rotavský Creek. Produced were mainly tools, bar iron and black plate. A lot of foamy slag from iron ore smelting may be found in the bed of the creek. Most of the slag is very heavy, ferromagnetic and contains a high proportion of the residual iron. In the Rose Valley are traces of water raceways and foundations of old iron mills.

Rose Valley between the world wars

The appearance of the Rose Valley sharply changed at the beginning of the 20th century. Old houses standing in two rows along the valley road were demolished and replaced with one row of relatively luxurious houses for engineers and officials of Rotava Ironworks. The quarter was originally nicknamed “Japan” in opposite to modest working-class district called “Russia” as a hint of the then war between Russia and Japan. Later, the site has become known a “Rose Valley” (“Rosental”). Now the houses are neatly repaired by its owners, the city introduced here utilities and Rose Valley has become relatively noble quarters of the Rotava Town.

Rose Valley 2012

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

GPS position

N 50° 18.189', E 12° 35.195'