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The Educational Trail Bludná

Historical state boundary

Stop situation in the map

The area between current townlets Horní Blatná and Boží Dar, including the settlement of Bludná, was a part of the Schwarzenberg Estate from the mid-12th century. In 1212 gave the German king Frederick II this territory to the King Przemysl Otakar I and the estate became part of the Kingdom Bohemia. In 1459, the Schwarzenberg estate fell back to Saxony as dowry when she married daughter of George of Podebrady Zdenka the Saxon Duke Albrecht III. Factual holders of the manor were, however, since in 1425 the Lords of Tettau, who in 1533 sold it to the Saxon Elector Johann Friedrich, founder of Horní Blatná (1532) and Boží Dar (1533).

Situation of the southern boundary of the Schwarzenberg estates in the year 1546

In the south at that time bordered the Schwarzenberg estate with possessions of Schlick counts, owners of Jáchymov (St. Joachimsthal). After the discovery of rich ore deposits broke among Schlicks and Saxon elector disputes over boundaries demarcation.

Boundary stone with bossed KK and numerical designation

In 1546, Bohemian King Ferdinand I forced Saxony Duke and later Elector Moritz to cede him the southern part of the Schwarzenberg estate with the towns of Horní Blatná and Boží Dar (the Prague Agreement of October 14, 1546). National border was moved further to the north, and the former border between Bohemia and Saxony became provincial character separating Schlick possessions in the south of the Jáchymov forest estate in the north. From the Stop No. 1 to Bludná our path follows almost exactly the border, partially still marked by old granite landmarks probably originating from the 19th century.

This text was written by Michal Urban.

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N 50° 24.017', E 12° 48.883'