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Town Museum Františkovy Lázně

Museum Nejdek

Nejdek was founded in the middle of the 13th century as a mining and logging colony on a trade route leading to Saxony. Written accounts of its existence date back to 1340. It was granted town status in 1410. Under the rule of the Schlick lords (1446–1602), the largest boom in ore mining in the region occurred in the era. The town’s coat of arms, bearing an impressive pair of antlers above the red shield of the Schlick family, dates back to this time. Primarly tin ore was mined in the region of Nejdek, but iron ore mining began as well, which led to the construction of smelteries and forges. After decline in mining, the Nejdek inhabitants supported themselves by homemade products and crafts, mainly involving button making, weaving and bobbin lacemaking. Economic revival was brought about by the industrial revolution, a time marked by the building of industrial factories, which defined the town’s appearance – ironworks, spinning mills and the paper mill. Among the prominent landmarks of the town belong the Romanesque castle tower located on top of the granite spit, the Baroque Church of St. Martin (1756) and the statue of St. John of Nepomuk (1710). The original castle from 1653 was reconstructed several times, and its present-day appearance dates back to 1889. The observation tower on Tisovský Hill (Pajndl) along with the gallery, which is located at an altitude of 1000 m, was built in1897.

The Town Museum of Nejdek is placed in the house with decorative elements in neo-gothic style. The house was built around 1860 and has kept most of its original character from 2nd half of 19th century until now. Concave window panes in 1st floor are interesting details of the building.

Permanent exhibition provides the overview of the history of the city and local industry – foundry and wool manufacturing. Collections of folk art, ceramics, tin and lace production are also introduced as well as the exposition of the house-place typical for the Krušné hory region.

The tour in permanent and short-term exhibitions lasts 30 min. 

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