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Town Museum Františkovy Lázně

Mining Museum Jáchymov

In the mid-990ies disclosed a group of enthusiasts of the Mining association Barbora to open the Adit No. 1 in Jáchymov. The aim of the association was to set up a mining museum. Due to lack of funds and took over management of the complex Regional Office of the Karlovy Vary region, which is the founder of the Museum of Sokolov.

Adit No. 1

Adit No. 1 was tunnelled in 1952–1953 as part of extensive explorations of former Jáchymov Mines State Enterprise. The final length of the tunnel is 230 m. At a distance of 190 m from the portal, the adit intersects the vein Johannes Evangelist, exploited in the period of silver and base metal mining.

Iron Bars

Historical security measures against escape of political prisoners are represented by a pair of steel locking bars in the introductory section of the gallery. From the jail made of rails is a look into an abandoned tunnel, in the background original timbering from 1950ies. A renovated mining railway track gauge of 600 mm is installed in the gallery, and also objects of transport, mining (mining electric windlass, dumper for transporting excavated material, personal car for transportation workers called „Pullman“ for 12 miners and truck for transporting longer objects). Installed tunnel are examples of various types of mining steel reinforcement, which is used to secure the workplace in unconsolidated rock or on critical places.

Underground of Jáchymov

Underground of Jáchymov

So called “Mauthausen stair”, after which went political prisoners from the detention camp Svornost to work, and also the former camp site, are part of the area. At this place, foresees the establishment of the camp barracks in the 1950ies style.

Useful information

Adit No. 1 – Opening Hours:

May – June; September – October from Tuesday to Sunday July – August daily At 10, 11 a.m.; 1, 2, 3, 4 p.m.

More info: Address: Štola 1, 362 51-CZ, Jáchymov

Tel.: +420 601 289 121

E-mail: jachymov@museum-sokolov.cz

Web: http://www.omks.cz

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