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Town Museum Františkovy Lázně

Museum Sokolov

The first written mention of Sokolov dates back to 1279. The original circular stronghold was progressively rebuilt as a Gothic-Renaissance redoubt with an almost square ground-plan and corner towers. In 1622 the castle was acquired by the Nostitz family, which held Sokolov until 1945. In 1663 the castle was reconstructed in Baroque style and in 1805 again in Classicist style.

The Sokolov Castle beginning of 20th century

Forester’s lodge beginning of 20th century (today’s seat of museum’s mana­gement)

The museum in Sokolov was established in 1934 by a local museum association with its headquarters in the building on the corner of the Old Square. After the Second World War it was transferred to this building after the army vacated the chateau. In 1982 it became the town museum and since 1984 it has held the status of a district museum. In 2003, it came under the administration of the Karlovy Vary Region as the Sokolov Regional Museum. Later, a museum branches were set up in Krásno and in Jáchymov.

Castle Courtyard with a fountain

The museum focuses on mining and associated industries. The exhibition presents the countryside, general history and the history of ore and coal mining. You can also see minerals from the region, specimens of flora and fauna, the development of crafts from earliest times to the present day, porcelain, lace, musical instruments and the like. The museum also has extensive exhibition halls for short-term exhibitions.

Useful information

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Address: Muzeum Sokolov p.o. Karlovarského kraje, Zámecká 1, 356 01, Sokolov

E-mail: muzeum@muzeum-sokolov.cz

Tel.: +420 352 623 930

Web: http://www.omks.cz/

Open January – December Wednesday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

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