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Town Museum Františkovy Lázně

Town Museum Mariánské Lázně

The museum is located in the oldest house of the historical part of the town. This is an important architectural monument dating back to the 19th century and it is the last proof how the town looked like at the time of its founding. The house was built in 1818 as a boarding house for spa guests, called „Zlatý hrozen“ (Golden Bunch of Grapes”). In 1823, Johann Wolfgang Goethe stayed here. The bronze memorial plaque (above the arched entrance) and the newly opened exhibition on the 1st floor, which has been recently readapted and completed, commemorate Goethe’s stay here. The museum, founded in 1887, has been residing in this building since 1953.

The museum regional collections of the region of Mariánské Lázně were concentrated here. In 1975 – 1979 the object was reconstructed and a new one-story additional building, featuring a projection room, and auditorium and rooms for new exhibitions, was built on the courtyard. Another reconstruction of the historical building was realized in 1998 – 1999. The museum exhibitions are completed with the exhibition in the open nature „Geological Park“, created on an area of almost 10 ha near the museum building.

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