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Town Museum Františkovy Lázně

Geological Park in Mariánské Lázně

Although it is possible to view unique, attractive, exotic or otherwise interesting minerals and rocks on display in the majority of museums, the types that commonly occur in our surroundings are usually not part of the exhibitions. The Mariánské Lázně Geological Park was created precisely for the purpose of displaying the “common stones” in a different light.

In 1986–1987, selected rock samples were gathered in the field and, after necessary preparation, installed in the selected areas. In the summer of 1988, the geological park opened as the only of its kind in the Central Europe. At the same time, a short twenty minute documentary movie about the building of the geological park was made and can be watched at the Town Museum.

The individual samples of rock are displayed not only in their naturally occurring and unprocessed state, but are often having a polished part of their surface. It may be surprising, what extraordinary beauty is hidden even in a common stone, which we walk by everyday. A scientist knows and appreciates the value of the rock fabric’s compo­sition, its structure and texture. For your comfort the rock samples of the Slavkovský les Mts. are collected along the forest paths in an area of almost 10 hectares. In total there are 316 blocks and the largest weights more than 16 tons. The 26 educational tables installed at the foot of the Žižkův vrch Hill Nature Reserve describes in detail interesting items and geological facts. While continuing along the network of paths with benches, which are offering a chance to rest and admire natural beech forest, you will witness the unique natural exhibition prepared by the Geological Park.

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