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Minerální prameny

The Milhostov Mofettes

The Natural monument “Milhostovské mofety” can be found about one kilometre south of Milhostov, in the alder mead at the connection of Kladrubský and Jilmový Creek. The Natural reserve with an area of 0.24 ha was established in 1993 to protect natural juvenile gas springs. Their main component is carbon dioxide, which is odourless and tasteless. Hydrogen sulphide is present in a small amount, which gives to mofettes light sulphur smell.

Gases are rising from the depths of the earth parallel to the Mariánské Lázně fault, which also determines the flow direction of the Jilmový Creek. The gases bubble up in several small funnel-shaped cavities. Gas springs are especially evident when filled with water. During the dry periods they are revealed by coatings of white salts.

Mofettes occasionally act as small traps in which small animals die – the place was therefore called „animal cemetery“. It is evident that the largest „craters“ were formed artificially.

The location has its charm especially in the spring, when the buttercups are blooming along the creek and white carpet of flowering anemones and clusters of gold primroses illuminate the dark grove.

GPS position

N 49° 56.920', E 12° 45.339'