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Nature reserves and monuments


Below the main road, the Růžový (Pink) Stream flows in the chateau park. Its springs, located about 1.5 km away, drain a unique area of wet fenny meadows which has been declared the Růžová Nature Reserve. It covers an area of almost 25 hectares. We can find here plant communities that need a higher level of groundwater, such as alder woods, willow shrubbery, fenny meadows, sedge and thistle meadows and reeds. Local wet meadows are an important site of the highly endangered Corn Crake. The Black Stork and the White Stork fly in to prey here; the Common Toad, Common Frog, Alpine Newt and Smooth Newt reproduce here. From reptiles, the Common Viper and the Dice Snake live here.

GPS position

N 49° 56.786', E 17° 14.928'



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