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Krušné Hory View Towers

Tall Stone near Kraslice

The dominant landscape feature and natural monument Vysoký Kámen (“Tall Stone“) is composed of a group of bizarre quartzite rocks that provide a view of the Krušné Hory Mts., the Slavkovský Les Mts. and the Smrčiny Mts.

Vysoký kámen 100 years ago

The rock blocks rise up to 20 m above the terrain and are bare, with hardly any vegetation. They are composed of massive blackish-grey quartzite, which belongs to the Ordovician Frauenbach Formation. The rock is intruded by a multitude of noticeable light quartz veins and lenses, which formed in cracks by the precipitation of silicon dioxide loosened from the rock during metamorphism. Later on, some of the veins along with the host rock were folded into recumbent folds.

Parallel quartz veins in dark quartzite

The rock slopes are an ideal environment for blueberry bushes, which are typical for this area. In addition to several important plant species, a large number of lichens occur here as well.

Vysoký kámen in winter

There are many legends and tales associated with the Tall Stone, such as the legend of the evil knight and his castle, tales of elves, the „White Lady“, and a big treasure. It is said that a massive castle had stood on the site and the cruel and merciless lord who dwelled in the castle tormented his serfs. One day, an old wandering singer entered the castle gate to entertain his lordship. However, the knight sent his dogs at the singer. The injured and humiliated singer cursed the inhospitable place, bringing disaster on the evil knight and his castle. The earth shook and the castle disappeared into the deep. The knight, however, did not find peace at death's door. When the night is dark, the sound of rumble, cries and neighing horses may be heard from the entrails of the stone. Only tall stone columns resembling stone towers have remained standing to our time.

The View Rock

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N 50° 18.049', E 12° 24.505'