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Krušné Hory View Towers


The tourist lodge with a lookout tower is located on Olověný vrch (German: Bleiberg, English: Lead Hill) at an elevation of 802 metres over the village of Bublava in Krušné hory (Ore Mountains). The tourist lodge is already closed. In the area between Bublava and Kraslice, ore mining, especially of copper and lead took place in the past. Ore veins and layers were developed in the Proterozoic phyllites (Cambrian to Ordovician, about 500 million years old). Phyllites are thinly slate rocks with abundant secrete quartz, which creates noticeable white lens. In the valley of the Stříbrný Creek, phyllites are affected by the effect of thermal transformation in vicinity of granite intrusion, so called contact metamorphism.

Phyllites at Kraslice

The idea of build a lookout tower with a lodge first appeared in the late 1920’s. Nevertheless, the project was implemented only in 1933. It was initiated by the Society of Nature Lovers in Bublava and the design was developed for the society by architect Ernstberger from Karlovy Vary. The members of the society took an active part in the construction under the supervision of builder Rölz from Rotava. The tower was completed and opened to the public on December 3rd, 1933.

The lookout tower shortly after opening

The lookout tower Bleiberg on the Olověný Hill is 16 metres high and it has 74 stairs. The structure and the external panelling are made of wood. It had served as a home for homeless children during World War II, and later as a military radio post until 1961, when it was taken over by Restaurace a Jídelny (State Restaurant and Canteen Enterprise) in Sokolov and converted into a restaurant. A restaurant is already closed, this time in private hands. Despite the fact that Olověný vrch is mainly a winter resort, it does attract visitors in the summer by offering a view of the surrounding Ore Mountains.

Bleiberg in 1970ies

The Olověný vrch Hill is one of the stops on the educational trail “On the miner’s footsteps”. The circular trail is 16 km long and goes from Bublava to Kraslice and back.

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