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The Historical Educational Trail “Jáchymov Hell”

Chapel of the Virgin Mary

In Jáchymov are three small, historically significant chapels. They are built along the famous pilgrimage route from Jáchymov to Mariánská. Probably come from the second half of the eighteenth century, but may be even older. Two of them are here in Nové Město, the old mining settlement; the third is the chapel of the Holy Trinity in Mariánská.

The Chapel of the Virgin Mary

In the historical literature, this Chapel of the Virgin Mary at the house No. 4/2 in Nové Město is the frequently cited,. According to the list of monuments of 1913, it was a brick, roughly plastered and painted white building with shingled roof. In the chapel is a copy of the altarpiece Gracious Mary. Instead of the previous oil painting on canvas is now located only a photocopy of this work there. An image with a characteristic transparent veil was painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1537. The work was widely copied; the original is on the main altar of the cathedral in Innsbruck. In the Alpine regions of Germany and Austria became one of the most popular Marian images. In the Czech Republic are listed copies in the pilgrimage church of St. Anne in Sedlec near Karlovy Vary and the parish church of the Virgin Mary of the Star in Železná Ruda.

Lucas Cranach the Elder, after 1537: Pictures of Mercy Mary

Lucas Cranach, a friend of Martin Luther, painted a picture for the Saxon Court in Dresden. Archduke Leopold V. got it as a gift on one of his visits and took it first to Passau, where he was bishop, and then to Innsbruck, where he was regent. During the Thirty Years War, the painting was publicly honored at Marian devotions. In 1650 it received the citizens of Innsbruck for its parish church, now the cathedral.

The chapel gable

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