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The Historical Educational Trail “Jáchymov Hell”

The Nikolaj Camp - code name “A”

You are on the historical educational trail „Jáchymov Hell“, which leads little known, beautiful sites containing unforgettable history. The trail was created by the mining association “Barbora” in Jáchymov with the support of the Confederation of Political Prisoners and the Club of Czech Tourists.

Act 247/48 Coll. of forced labour camps

The Nikolaj camp became famous for inhuman torture of prisoners. The number of prisoners amounted to 1 September 1952 a total of 907, and 3 March 1953 a total 832 persons. Access to work in the mine Edward, about 800 m far from the camp, was complicated by busy roads that could be not be crossed by corridor of barbed wire. Therefore, the prisoners were transported by the so-called „Russian“ or „Jáchymov“ bus. One shift, ie from 70 to 150 men, joined in petitions closely. This lively package wrapped prison guards with steel wire whose ends with loops for padlock to lock together.

The situation of the labour camps in surroundings of Jáchymov (1952)

Regime in the camp was one of the worst. Local commander Schamberger, known as “Prasečkář”, in the opinion of prisoners compared in the severity with dreaded Paleček from the camp Rovnost. Schamberger created a squad of prisoners seated for criminal crimes, led by Gestapo informer Břetislav Janíček. They were reversing sadists who voluntarily and eagerly bullied, fingered, and beat his cellmate for the minimal advantages to them provided by the camp commander and prison guards.

Foot of the Nikolai mine dump

In 1955, an unusual situation occurred in the camp, there were constructed two secret radios. Their existence was revealed only in 1957, for the camp conditions after long time.

On the site of the former camp Nikolaj today is absolutely nothing. According to the testimony of a number of prisoners, the camp belonged to the one with the worst regime. Is it the reason?

GPS position

N 50° 23.157', E 12° 54.120'