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The Historical Educational Trail “Jáchymov Hell”

Jáchymov Outdoor Mining Museum

You are on the historical educational trail „Jáchymov Hell“, which leads little known, beautiful sites containing unforgettable history. The trail was created by the mining association “Barbora” in Jáchymov with the support of the Confederation of Political Prisoners and the Club of Czech Tourists.

The situation of galleries in the outdoor museum area

The outdoor mining museum is being built in the heart of the Jáchymov (St. Joachimsthal) district, which is the cradle of modern world famous mining, metallurgy, geology and mineralogy. Silver, non-ferrous metal and also, after World War II, uranium was mined in the district during the course of its existence. It is a sad paradox, that precisely the historically shortest mining era of this strategic metal caused the greatest amount of moral and material damage.

A replica of the guard booth

At the present time, the first results of the challenging work are visible on the grounds of the future outdoor museum. The first underground section of Adit No. 1 was secured and made accessible. The gallery began to be driven on 1 July 1952 and extends for 260 m from its mouth to its face. Along its course it has several junctions, which lead, by way of headings, to stopes. A welded gate of mine rail track is located at 11 m from the gallery opening, and another gate made from water pipes at 25 m, which prevented the escape of prisoners from underground. Further on, it is possible to reach the level of the Vysoká jedle gallery after overcoming a height difference of approximately forty meters. This gallery has a length of 120 m and dates back to the extraction of silver ore, which occurred in the Middle Ages.

Welded gate

The Barbora Mining Association was founded in 1996 as a civic association. Its work, consisting of the building of the outdoor museum, is further continued by the Museum Sokolov.

GPS position

N 50° 22.279', E 12° 54.628'