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Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

The Good-Morning Adit

Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

The main types of mining workings are shafts and adits. Shaft (pit) is a vertical tunnel used to transport persons or materials or for mine ventilation. The adit is horizontal or nearly horizontal tunnel. The Good-Morning Adit was driven in the 16th century. Then, miners entered there into the tin mine of the same name, which was operated intermittently until 18th century.

The mouth of the Good-Morning Adit

Roughly from 1940 – 1958, the adit served as a mining explosives magazine, hence the name „Sprengstoffstrec­ke” (“Tunnel for storing explosives“). The adit entrance is situated beside a tailing pond, in a meadow in the north-east, steep bank off depression. Before 2000, the adit entrance was open up to roof falls. Currently, the mouth is secured by grille.

Situation of tailing ponds and adits (after Kratochvíl, 1954)

“Sídliště” („Settlement“), the former mining colony

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

GPS position

N 50° 21.704', E 12° 37.083'