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Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

Tailing Pond

Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

The tailing pond contains residual sandy sediments from ore washing. It was built in connection with the operation of the ore processing plant shortly after 1933, and the increasing of production in 1942. The facilities were abandoned in May 1945.

View from the tailing pond to Přebuz

The mined ore was in processing plant crushed and grinded to fine sand. The slurry was discharged on the gravity separators on which heavier ore constituents (tin ore cassiterite) were separated from the lighter waste rock. After the beginning of production of arsenic concentrate in 1944, the processing plant was expanded by flotation unit. Flotation is a process based on the principle of various surface tensions on ore and gangue grains.

Tailing pond in 2000 (Photo P. Uhlík)

There is a cascade of three reservoirs east of the mining plant. It is located in the field depression along the edge of the forest area between the Otto shaft and the road from Přebuz to Šindelová. The earthen dam of the upper pond was in the 1960s ruptured, the water drained and the deposited fine sand from the bottom was extracted for the needs of local cottagers. Today, the bottom of the pond is irregularly furrowed by pits and mounds. The small pools were inhabited by wetland flora and fauna. The lower two ponds have yet functional earthen dams and retain rain water.

Sandy material of the tailing pond „Schlemmteich“

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

GPS position

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