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Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

Tin and Arsenic Ore Processing Plant

Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

In the processing plant, tin concentrate containing up to 51% metal were produced from ore with an average content of 0.4% tin. The main bearer tin was the mineral cassiterite. Its black grains grow into greisen, gray silicified rock which forms strips in reddish granite. Mined ore also averaged 0.7% arsenic, and therefore was produced also arsenic concentrate containing up to 64% metal as a byproduct during the World War 2. Main arsenic minerals were löllingite and arsenopyrite.

The Otto shaft and processing plant (Kratochvíl, 1948)

The ore processing plant was put into operation shortly after the start of mining at the mine Otto in 1933. It was restored in 1942 and modernized in 1944. Working in the processing plant ended in May 1945. Technological equipment consisted of rough treatment, of washing units and since 1944 also of the flotation, which used the principle of different surface tension of grains of ore and waste rock. The Přebuz plant processed a total of 47,000 tons of ore. Until today, a concrete skeleton with rests of plinths of technological equipment remains there, slowly overgrown trees and bushes.

The Otto shaft and processing plant (1948, Archive ČGS Prague)

An ore dump was piled east of the plant during the tin mining exploration in 1953–1958. Around the year 1983, part of the dump was processed at the plant „Stannum“ in Krásno. Since 1970's, the rest of the dump is used for construction and repair of forest roads. Continuously uncovered heap opened the way to obtain scientific information on the deposit and provided valuable mineral specimens into public collections such as the National Museum in Prague, Charles University in Prague, Bergakademie Freiberg, Mining University in Ostrava, and Mining Museum in Sokolov.

Ore processing plant in 2008

Ore heap after excavation in 2008

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

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