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Educational Mining Trail Přebuz


Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

The Hartelsberg Hill (Čertova hora, 987 m ASL) is the magical conical dominant feature of the mining townlet Přebuz. The mountain is surrounded by legends of the tin ore richness. Although for centuries is called Hartelsberg, on current maps we find somewhat mysterious designation “Devil Mountain”.

The hill would deserve a observation tower. When it was still bare a few years ago, due to air pollution and windfalls, offered (and partly still offers) from the top views of six mountain ranges: the stepped Krušné Hory Mts., the Smrčiny Mts., the Český Les Mts., the Slavkovský Les Mts., the Teplá Highlands and the Doupovské Hory Mts. During the winter inversions tower these mountains over misty basins like islands in the sea. The northeast granite slope of Hartelsberg is densely drilled by old mine workings. Tin and partially arsenic were mined, and uranium explored. From the extinct village Břidlová (Schieferhütten) on the opposite hillside, several short exploratory adits on iron, manganese and silver ores were tunneled in phyllite.

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

The top of Hartelsberg

View from Hartelsberg to the south

View from Hartelsberg to the east

GPS position

N 50° 21.447', E 12° 36.158'