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Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

The Přebuz Mining Colony

Educational Mining Trail Přebuz

Přebuz (Germ. Frühbuß) was established as a mining colony settlement on the Jindřichovice Estate. The Plik’s Family bought in 1340, with the permission of the Teplá Monastery, the estate with surrounding tin deposits. Tin ore from the stream sediments were initially panned only seasonally. In the 16th century, the Renaissance mining settlement Friebes (1542) or Fruepis (1543) was founded around tin mines. In the years 1553 – 1713, was Přebuz a subject mining townlet. From this period comes the oldest sights in the surroundings (Přebuz and Rudné Water Channels, placers, mines, transferred inventory parts of the church). During the Reformation, Lutheran pastor Adam Zephelius worked in Přebuz (e.g. author of the treatise Neue Jahrespredigt from 1610).

Přebuz in the early 20th century

After the Battle of Bílá Hora, the estate was sold to the Nostitz Family. The mining sights of the Baroque era include the Hereditary St. Elizabeth Adit or rugged wildly Zechengebirg ore district with surface mines and sinkholes. After the decline of the mines, the inhabitants engaged in various homemade arts and crafts. Primarily lace, tin plated spoons, gloves and pearl buttons turned were produced. Some went to work in factories in Kraslice, Nejdek and Eibenstock. Families provide modest agriculture, peat digging and goods smuggling. Hope for the village became the opening of the Otto tin mine in 1933. Mining and processing of the strategic ores was substantially expanded during the World War II.

Přebuz around 1930

After the war, the mining ended and the resettlement of most of the original German inhabitants took place. While in 1945 there were in Přebuz 1219 inhabitants, in 1947 left the 269. The site remained in existence only because of uranium (1946–1948) and tin (1953–1958) exploration. From the 20th century are preserved skeletons of ore treatment plant, of the Main shaft and remains of the Ritter Shaft. Since 1980, Přebuz is known as an attractive tourist place in the natural park of the same name. Since 2007, Přebuz take pride in the title of smallest city of the Czech Republic. In 2012 it had 78 inhabitants.

The lower part of Přebuz from the Church bell tower

The upper part of Přebuz from the Church bell tower

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

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