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Mining Towns and Villages

Nové Sedlo

The town Nové Sedlo lies north of the Ohře Valley in the Sokolov coal mining district. To the west stretches coal open pit Družba, in the north vast spoil heaps. The first written mention of the village comes from 1397. During the Hussite Wars in the 15th century, Nové Sedlo was plundered several times by Hussite and imperial troops. In the 16th century, Sebastian Thüssel from Daltitz sold their possessions to the Loket estate, where the village belonged to the cancellation of patrimonial administration in 1850. After gaining independence, the village was part of the Loket district.

Glass factory in Nové Sedlo

In 1879, industrialist Friedrich Siemens founded in Nové Sedlo branch of his glass factories in Dresden. The factory became to the biggest of the European continent. In 1899, Nové Sedlo became a township with the right of own coat of arms.

Municipal Coat of Arms

Currently, Nové Sedlo is a industrial centre. It produces packaging glass and in the Loučky town part porcelain. In the city is a big railway station, used for loading coal. The sights include the Church of the Ascension from 1904, which building is mostly made of wood. In Nové Sedlo is the artificial water reservoir „Anna“ with the area of 4 hectares.

The Družba coal pit

Kaiserschacht in Nové Sedlo (beg. 20th century)

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