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Mining Towns and Villages

Nová Role

Nová Role is situated in the foothills of the Krušné hory Mountains near the world-known spa of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). The municipality’s name has probably originated from the Old Slavic word „rola“ – agriculturally cultivated land, as the first permanent settlers of this area were people from the Slavic tribe of Sedlčané. The first written record about the settlement Nowa Raluna dates back to 1293. According to legend, as early as in the 12th century, there was a hunting pavilion used for royal personnel accompanying Bohemian monarchs, who stayed at the Loket Castle. Between 1359 and 1411, the site was part of Loket estate and then until 1553 of the Falknov (Sokolov) one. In 1554, the owners became the Schlick House from Ostrov. In the period 1622–1848, the city was in the possession of the Nostitz Family. In 1847, Nová Role had 280 inhabitants and 50 houses.

After the discovery of kaolin deposits on the grounds of Charles Hassmann, the first kaolin preparation plant was established. In 1921, the company „Ceramics Works“ („Keramische Werke“) was founded. During the Second World War, the factory called „Bohemia“ was under Nazi administration. There worked prisoners from the concentration camp established in 1942. Now, the company „Thun 1794“ produces manufactures porcelain and is the largest employer in the city.

Trademark „Thun 1794“

Nová Role has had town status since 1964. The town has its own coat of arms with the main symbols of a porcelain teapot representing porcelain manufacturing and crossed mining hammers reminding kaolin and coal exploitation.

Municipal Coat of Arms

The oldest historic sight of the town is the Church of St. Archangel Michael. This church represents a valuable Romanic-Gothic monument dating back to the era of Kings Přemysl Otakar I and Wenceslas I. The church accommodates remains of the original chapel from 1240–1255. Currently, the church is actually one of the oldest functional cultural monuments within the Karlovy Vary district.

The Church of St. Archangel Michael

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N 50° 16.217', E 12° 47.036'