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Mining Towns and Villages


The first written mention of the village appears in the Loket Codex from the years 1523–1525. The Vintířov holder was then nobleman Sebastian Thüssel from Daltitz, based in Nové Sedlo. Soon, the village passed under the administration of the estate Loket. For the support of the Bohemian revolt, Emperor Ferdinand II confiscated Vintířov and sold it to Mary Magdalene Hertel from Leuttersdorf in the year 1623. At the end of the Thirty Years War, Vintířov strongly suffered from military actions in the area, particularly during the siege of the Loket Town in 1646–1648. After the abolition of serfdom in 1850, Vintířov became to a self-governing community.

The Union II Shaft in the year 1925

The development of brown coal and kaolin mining in the 19th century completely modified the face of the landscape and the composition of the population. In the village and its surroundings worked many coal mines. The most important were Erika (1927–1941), Johann (1872–1905) and especial Union II (1897–1946). The social composition of the population has completely changed. Dominated the workers employed in mines, porcelain and other industrial facilities. Both world wars intervened heavily in the development of the municipality and the composition of its population. After World War II, only one enterprise was in operation, namely the kaolin plant Margarethe. Now, the major companies in Vintířov are the Jiří Mine and factory producing expanded aggregates Liapor.

Municipal Coat of Arms

The mining history of the village reminds its coat of arms. It consists of black-and-silver divided shield with a green base; in the shield are mining hammers of opposite colours. The worth mentioning sights of the village are the chapel from 1906 and the house No. 25 with half-timbered floor.

The Chapel in Vintířov © Obec Vintířov

Half-timbered House Nr. 25 © Obec Vintířov

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