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Mining Towns and Villages

Dolní Nivy

The Dolní Nivy Village is situated at the southern foot of the Western Krušné hory Mts., at the Lomnický Brook. To the south lies large spoil heap of brown coal mining district in the Sokolov Basin, in the west rises the Tvrdy Hill (633 m ASL), in the north the Ovčí hill (662 m) and in the northeast the Holý hill (644 m). The Dolní Nivy Municipality consists of the parts Boučí, Dolni Nivy, Horní Nivy and Horní Rozmyšl.

Dolní Nivy is first mentioned in 1353, in the wake of the sale of the court Schönwerth (Šenvert at Sokolov) to Abrecht Notthafft of Thierstein. In Dolní Nivy for long ages was mining, but the ore deposits showed not very productive the activities were stopped. In several pits was clay exploited. In Horní Nivy, the deposits of silver and lead were opened, which belong to the Oloví ore district. To the south stood since the 19th Century brown coal mines in operation. In the year 1840, Dolní Nivy had 220 inhabitants and 33 houses; in 1930, the village had 505 inhabitants, in 1939 it was 536. In the 1950s and 1960s, an intensive brown coal open pit mining operation began south of the village. In the open pit was mined brown coal seam Josef stored in separate coal basin with dimensions 1.5 x1, 2 km. The coal seam was sometimes rich in iron sulphides (pyrite, marcasite), which sometimes occurred in beautiful mineralogical samples. The whole area is now covered by the “Velká podkrušnohorská” Spoil Heap.



The mining history of the town is mentioned with the coat of arms. A blue shield with three gold grain ears are plugged into a bent sign foot green with crossed hammer and pick.

Municipal Coat of Arms

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N 50° 14.591', E 12° 38.210'