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Mining Towns and Villages


Habartov lies at the edge of the Sokolov coal mining district between the Krušné hory (“Ore Mountains”) and Slavkovský les Mts. For the first time, the settlement is mentioned in 1339. In the 15th century, belonged to the Pergler’s from Perglas (now Chlumek at Dasnice, on the left Ohře bank southwest of Sokolov), from 1573 to the Stolz’s from Simbsdorf. Nostitz’s held it from 1668 to 1719. In the late 19th century, Habartov had almost 314 houses and 1,500 inhabitants. After thirty years, there were 425 houses and three and half thousand people. On 13 September 1938 occurred in Habartov (then Habersbirk) to a bloody collision, when the local fascist activists tried to occupy the police station. The event is documented in the Museum of Security Forces. After the World War II, the old part of the village was demolished for coal mining. Up to 1963, construction of a new Habartov lasted. It originally consisted of a new housing development with the rest of the old village and the local parts Kluč and Úžlabí. In 1976 have been attached Horní Částkov and Lítov with the settlement Na Rovince. The town was originally surrounded by large open pits and spoil heaps. To the southwest, it was the Boden Mine with Lítov Heap, in the south to southeast the Medard-Libík Mine. At the present time, the „lunar landscape“ is revitalized to extensive recreation area with the centre of the lake Medard.

The MASák observation point

The activities around the lake can be best observed from the view platform „MASák“. An interesting geological locality is „Habartovské sluňáky“ (big quartzite boulder) north of the city.

Habartovské sluňáky

Habartov became a city in 1960 and since 1975 has its own coat of arms with miner's lamp and linden twigs on a black-green shield.

Municipal Coat of Arms

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GPS position

N 50° 10.957', E 12° 32.968'