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Mining Towns and Villages


Although the village Dasnice was founded probably in the 13th century, the first written mention dates to the end of the following century. At this time were Dasnice (Tassnicz) owned by the Lords of Chlumek (Perglas). In the 18th century, Nostitz family owned the manor. Dasnice is independent community since 1876. Because situated at the edge of the Sokolov Basin, the area was not affected by coal mining as much as the neighbouring villages. Northeast of Dasnice, the mines “Glück mit Hilfe” and “Anna-Marie” were located, owned by „Dasnice-Hlavno Mining Society“ based in 1873. The mining took place until the early 20th century.

The elevation east of the village is built by Tertiary lava flow, 23 to 24 million years old. The lava body is up to 40 m thick, surrounded by weathered volcanic tuffs and agglomerates. The rock is massive and has a grey-black colour, with visible tiny grains and crystals of dark green olivine and black augite. It belongs to the basalts, scientific name is olivine nephelinite. The rock was mined in the quarry, now abandoned and reclaimed.

The mining tradition commemorates coat of arms. It consists of green-gold divided shield. In the upper field are five golden corn ears with awns. In the bottom field is black winged rail wheel, and below it black crossed mining hammers with hanging miner's lamp.

Municipal Coat of Arms

The main local sight is the castle Chlumek (originally Perglas), built in 1570 as the seat of the Schlicks and Pergler from Perglas, in 18th century rebuilt into a Baroque chateau. Close to it is neo-baroque New Castle built by Nostitz Family in 1900.

Chlumek © Obec Dasnice

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