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Mining Towns and Villages

Dolní Rychnov

The first recorded mention of Dolní Rychnov comes from the year 1309. The whole 15th century, the village belonged to the Loket manor, in 1553 it acquired Wolf Schlick and joined it to Falknov (today Sokolov). Dolní Rychnov became an independent municipality in the 19th century, prospered and grew rapidly, mainly because of the rich deposits of brown coal.

Municipal Coat of Arms

Dolní Rychnov is one of the most important mining municipalities of the Sokolov mining district. Its development is linked to the industrialist Johann David Starck, who participated in the opening local mines and founded the company on the production of carbon black, colours, and naphthalene. In its mines in 1834 was installed one of the first steam pumping machinery in the country. To the coal sales also contributed new glassworks. Coal sales and extraction increased by the opening of the railway line from Chomutov to Cheb in 1873. Following the experiments with the production of briquettes was in 1930 opened a new briquette plant who worked until 1967. Coal mining in Dolní Rychnov continued until the 1960ies.

The Luitpold Mine (1898)

Dolní Rychnov is almost entirely surrounded by former coal mines. Initial underground mines (Agnes, Anthony-Boghead, Frank, Kern, Rudolf) were gradually replaced by open pits. North of the village, there were Gesteinigt (1840–1887) and Anthony (Luitpold, 1881–1965). South of Dolní Rychnov was located the Sylvester open pit mine (1939–1981) with internal dumps; its eastern part is now reclaimed (golf course), the western part serves as an ash repository from the Tisová Power Plant.

The Golf Club Sokolov

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GPS position

N 50° 9.720', E 12° 38.860'