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Mining Towns and Villages

Královské Poříčí

The first written mention of the site is in a document from 1240. In it, King Wenceslas I. gave management of the Sedlec Church and its branches in Loket and Královské Poříčí to the Cross with the Red Star, founded by his sister Agnes. After the Loket Codex from 1522, the site is mentioned as a part of the property the Schlick Family. The coal deposits are known in the area since the 17th century. During the Thirty Years' War, there occurred a large underground fire of coal seam.

Královské Poříčí (then Königswerth) became a independent municipality In 1850. Since 1870 there has been intensive development of coal mining. The village-based mining company Britannia operated shafts Marie I and II, William and Henry.

The Shaft Marie before the demolition (1993)

The Shaft William before the demolition (1980)

The Shaft Henry before the demolition (1980)

In 1930, the municipality had 1,446 inhabitants, after displacement of the Czechs in 1939, it was the 1324. After World War II, the German population was transferred and the site was renamed from Königswerth to Královské Poříčí.

Early 1990ies, the mine Marie was closed, who was one of the deepest in the Sokolov coal district. Now, the mining company Sokolovská uhelná operated coal open pits Jiří and Družba northeast of village. Mining in them is planned to the years 2030–2040, then the pits will be reclaimed and flooded.

The mining traditions recall the coat of arm of Královské Poříčí. It consists of red and black divided shield. In the top field is a golden crown, in the bottom crossed silver mining hammers with gold handles.

Municipal Coat of Arms

To the sights belongs the Church of the Holy Kunhuta from the early 13th century and several half-timbered buildings. The square was declared a village heritage zone. Popular tourist destination is a farmhouse Bernard.

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GPS position

N 50° 11.725', E 12° 40.460'