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Goethova trasa

Hazlov - U Cihelny

Hazlov – U Cihelny

The locality called U Cihelny is a site of mineralogical interest located less than two kilometres away from Hazlov. Here, dark brown columnar and radial aggregates of a mineral, named egeran after the German name for Cheb by Freiberg University professor Abraham Gottlob Werner (1749–1817), occur in contact-metamorphic erlan rock (calc-silicate hornfels).

Egeran in the Collection of the National Museum Prague

The locality missed none of the contemporary mineralogical capacities. For example, in 1822 at the initiative of Goethe visited Hazlov the naturalist Count Kaspar Šternberk with the famous Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius. Goethe was so captivated by the mineral from Hazlov, that he even wrote a poem about it. Today, egeran is considered to be a variety of vesuvianite.

Egeran crystals

Diopside, wollastonite, calcium feldspar (anorthite), brown garnet (grossular), quartz and other minerals occur together with the vesuvianite-egeran forming the rock called erlan. The outcrops of erlan are located in very small abandoned quarries on the left bank of the Hazlov Stream.

The erlan quarry

The locality is a protected nature monument. Collecting of minerals is strongly prohibited!

GPS position

N 50° 9.982', E 12° 16.272'