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Vlčí hora


The brewery was founded in Cernosin in 1647 , she was then in the possession of the Švamberk sex. In TREBEL has brewed good beer. Between the years 1710–1713 , the stately breweries were in Bezdruzice , Cebiv , Chodová Plana , Plana , Švamberk and Třebel under large breweries. The building of the former castle brewery was built in 1745 by the owners of large estates , family home village. Since 1793 the estate has been with the brewery property of several aristocratic families . In 1895 the Knights Vilém Kubinský has bought the estate with the surrounding domain. For the production of beverages from the underground of the Wolf Mountain ( Vlčí hora ) was used sprung water, which gave the beer and lemonade extraordinary taste. The brewery employed in the 30s of the 20th Century nine workers. In 1919, the brewery has expelled 2,042 hectoliters of beer. Production increased to 7,331 hl fluently by the end of the '20s. In July 1919, the brewery burned down , but was in a short time again and modernized. Its production capacity was greater and it was capable of producing 16 thousand hectoliters of beer. In 1934, beer production has reached 7,319 hl. In that time the castle brewery TREBEL also called Schlossbräu at Wolfsberg. At that time, there has Wolfsberg beer dark 10 °, 10 ° light , 12 ° 12 ° brewed dark and dark Vlkovar ) . The brewery has also produced excellent lemonade under the brand Wolfsberg pearl. Since the beginning of the 20th Century have signed unfavorable social conditions on the demise of a number of breweries. The Knight Vilém Kubinský was the owner of the brewery and the material in Třebel up to the year 1938 , ls is in the occupation of the Sudetenland confiscated him all the property and Vilém Kubinský perished in the concentration camps. Production continued throughout the war , when the estate was filed with the brewery as a Jewish assets of German receivership . In 1945, one has only brewed 3,947 hl and on the good and Brewery National administration was imposed . In 1947, production dropped to only 2,402 hl and by decision of the Ministry the famous brewery was closed in Cernosin in 1948.

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N 49° 49.233', E 12° 50.571'