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Nature reserves and monuments

Borek u Domašova

If you are following the blue route to Domašov, approx. 0.5 km beyond the Zaječí potok spring, a unique natural artefact can be found to the left of the path, declared the Borek u Domašova Nature Reservation in 1990. Believe it or not, in ancient times this place was the location of a sea. It was during the Devonian period, a geological period some 410–360 million years ago. The whole of the Jeseníky mountains were at this time covered by a sea, and intensive depositing and volcanic activities took place on the sea floor which led to the creation of seams of iron, lead, copper and zinc. And it was here at Borek that the remains of the bottom of this ancient Palaeozoic sea were preserved. The fossils found here tell us of the ancient existence of Mesozoic fauna.

GPS position

N 50° 8.593', E 17° 14.376'



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