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Vlčí hora

Černošínský bor

The rock base is made of basalt and basaltic tuff incurred Tertiary volcanic activity. It broke through the surrounding metamorphic rocks of the Proterozoic age (Proterozoic period, which ended 550 million years). Typical examples of these rocks are phyllite phyllite and slate. Bor is situated on a gentle slope formed by the slope sediments, which I get through life basalt peak parts of Wolf Mountain. These conditions allowed the emergence of land called acidic Cambisols, which are typical for this area. Previously called brown soil or forest.

Natural Monument Černošínský boron was announced already in 1990. Was amended in 1996, was changed slightly and cause protection area attractions. Is protected with populations of pine wood specially protected plants.

The local vegetation is a cultural ecosystem. This means that it has been altered by human activity. Boron is added to acidic beech forests and flowery. The herb layer is very rich and it occurs in more than one hundred kinds of plants. There was discovered arnica arnica (Arnica montana), Lesser Butterfly-orchid (Platanthera bifolia), pear zelenokvětá (Pyrola chlorantha) jednokvítek velekvětý (Moneses unifliora) and others. The fauna typical species occur anthologies, such as deer, hare or fox. With a wealth of undergrowth and still humid environment it is found there are many species of invertebrates, especially insects.

Of tall boron is not different from the surrounding commercial forests. In this forest is limited forestry management. I leave pine vegetation is in a state that supports the positive development of herb layer. Mining is allowed only for catastrophic situations.

GPS position

N 49° 48.675', E 12° 52.435'