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The river Mže

The River Mže originated by integration of several streams with spring in Český les near Tachov. The upper stream runs through Český les (Czech forest) (Přimdský les), Podčeskoleská pahorkatina (Podčeskoleská hills), Tachovská brázda (Tachov gully). the southern tip of Bezdružická vrchovina (Bezdružická higland), where it flows into Stříbrská pahorkatina (Stříbrská hills) and empties into the Plzeňská kotlina (Pilsen basin). The composition of the Mže valley consists of granodiorites, schists and phyllites in particular and alkalilne rocks rarely around Svojšín. The river forms initially a shallow valley in crystalline rocks. It sinks at Kocov and flows through the narrow valley to the entrance of Plzeňská kotlina (Pilsen basin). The steep slopes with rocky outcrops , debris and rarely “stone seas” are around Josefova Huť (Joseph works). The majestic Mže river valley forms a rocky defile, which represents a remarkable profile of Proterozoic rocks with not to be missed geomorphological aspects. The elevation of Mže floodplain ranges from 450 to 350 meters in this area. Hills on the edge of the valley as e.g. at Výhledy by Pavlovice reach up to 585 meters. Originally the river was called Mže along the entire length from the spring to the mouth into the Vltava river below Radotín. Since 1638 the lower part from Plzeň (Pilsen) is called Berounka. The most important tributaries from the left side are the Hamerský creek, the Kosový creek (Kosí creek), the Černošínský creek, the Úterský creek and the Žebrácký creek. The Tributaries from the right side are the Sklářský creek, the Lužní creek, the Sedlišťský creek, , the Úhlavka river and the Vejprnický creek. The average flow at the mouth is 8.55 m³ s-1 . In 1882 the flood level in the river rose by 4.8 meters . Another flood was in Tachov on the 2nd March1956, It was caused by ice barrier from pieces up to 40 cm thick at snow melting time. After erection of Lučina dam in the seventies of the 20th century Tachov is spared from major floods. The river has trout zone and various common types of fish live here as for example carp, crucian carp, pike, silver salmon, eel and perch. A number of native plant communities is preserved in the vicinity of the river, on the rocks and plains. The best examples of rock habitats can be seen in Svojšín and Milíkov . It is a community relatively rich in species, interesting is mullein with white flowers (Verbascum lychnitis subsp . Moenchii) .

Valley of the river Mže

Valley of the river Mže

Damnov (Church st. Martin) 1930

GPS position

N 49° 47.358', E 12° 50.469'