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Vlčí hora

The Volfštejn Castle

The Volfštejn castle is located 1.5 km southwest of the village Černošín and can be reached by a yellow tourist trail. It stands on a rocky promontory below the summit of Vlčí hora (Wolf Mountain), which provided good conditions for the defense and even building material for the construction of the castle. This part of Vlčí hora is composed of basalt and is the remnant of the lava flow. The lavas are exposed in the moat where is the denuded columnar basalt. The columns are arranged vertically, but they originated in horizontally stored lava. The castle Volfštejn was not large, Its ground plan was almost oval. Volfštejn came into existence in the early 13th century. It was protected by steep slopes, facing the Černošín where ditches with timber stockade were built. Battlements formed an important part of the fortification that was located outside the main walls .This protected area of the bailey allowed the movement of defenders, especially shooters, in front of the main walls thus increasing the active protection. There is a circular, conical main tower called “bergfrit” with late Romanesque arched portal at the head of the castle. The rear part of the castle was occupied by the palace with flat ceilings and slightly conical walls. It had two floors. There are remains of younger building alterations in this part of the castle. There were two opposing constructions attached to the wall in the courtyard. Only remains of masonry were preserved from the square tower.It is not quite clear where the access path and entrance were. The present entrance to the castle was created additionally after the castle destruction.

The expected appearance of the castle

The castle is an example of bergfrit type and belongs to rare buildings that have retained a simpler form without significant modernization. The founder was probably Ctibor of Volfštejn. The first written record of the castle dates from 1316. This year the castle is mentioned as the property of Beneda Volfštejn . The Lords of Volfštejn of had transverse stripes and a wolf or wolf 's head in their coat of arms. This family has lived in Volfštejn until 1460 when they moved to the nearby castle Třebel .Volfštejn was destroyed at the end of 1470 when Zelenohorská jednota was fighting with the troops of King Jiří z Poděbrad.The castle protected the important road that connected Plzeň with Cheb for more than a hundred years. The castle was merntioned as abandoned in 1527.

Tower is reconstructed

Demolished the outer walls

GPS position

N 49° 48.418', E 12° 52.054'