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Geologie okolí Lučiny

The territory west of Tachova is constructed colorful series Moldanubian rocks of the Bohemian Forest, which arose metamorphosis deposits deepening starohorního sea. From the original fine-grained and calcareous sediments, prostoupených outpourings of basic magmas, formed a graphitic biotite gneisses, crystalline limestone, Erlan and amphibolites.

Widespread amphibolite consists of several tens to hundreds of meters thick in pararulách position. They often significantly Banded texture caused by rhythmic alternation of several millimeters to centimeters powerful fringes dominated amphibole greenish gray with stripes Erlan. Can observe and biotite-rich gneiss bands and rare light green strips of solid epidotovců. Variety amfibolitových bodies is enhanced by abundant real bed and aplitických veins and leucocratic granites, quartz lenses and pegmatite bodies.

The amphibolites are spatially bound limestone positions that were previously mined as a raw material for the local lime kilns. Crystalline limestones are whitish gray shale, grained and contain abundant erlanové inserts. It is also interesting mineral composition of metamorphic limestone. Of course, the main mineral calcite remains, but beside it prominently and diopside, wollastonite, feldspar oligoklas, andezín and labradorite, as well as potassium feldspars orthoclase and microcline, and garnet. Rarely found in metamorphic limestone and other minerals: titanite, apatite, and pyrrhotite. Two pit limestone mining are also on the territory of the former village Lucina between the pile and the myth. Crayfish are known as ponds. Amphibolites are suitable for the production of crushed stone in the past have been mined in the quarry at the foot of the hill Mýtského floodplain at the mouth of the creek to the dam. And today they are part of the local sprinkled dam Lucina, which serves as a reservoir of drinking water for Tachovsko.

GPS position

N 49° 48.249', E 12° 36.370'